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I use this RIGHT NOW MONEY to Fund my primary business.  SMART Move. 

Check it out. CashAdStream  is an Advertising Site. 

AND I help my TEAM RECRUIT by causing SPILLOVER. 

This is my son's link.  I am building Strong under him. 

I have built downlines to over 1000 with programs like this.

Those who follow my lead benefit.

It cost $1.50 to start.
It has UPgrades.

Watch this PRESENTATION then take ACTION.
People are joining now who could be falling in my matrix under you. 

We are in FULL Launch now.  But we are still Flowing with The Pre-Launch plan.

Click here if your are ready to get started. Cer Bolton is my son. This will help with his college expenses. 
So you know I am going to BLOW this Up for him.

No Pressure. This is not for everybody.
To your Success.

This is what I made in the sister program working at it like this.

Will you make that amount here?  I don't know.  But I do know that if you stick with this you'll make money.
CashAdStream: Right Now Money
Get started here:

My name is Vickie Wooden.
IASO Tea Distributor 
IBO #3081111

I hope to see you on our team.
We have a Facebook group for members.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

EarnEarnEarn Members Start Here

Welcome Again To EarnEarnEarn

If you would like some help recruiting be sure to join our teambuild. 
We are in two programs.  One is EarnEarnEarn, and the other one is Dubli. 
Dubli is an online shopping mail.  You can get a FREE Membership to Dubli.
Step#1   If you have not done so, use this link to get your Free Membership in Dubli for Cashback
and Discounts when you shop online.
Step #2  Join our Infinite wealth Teambuild Facebook Group  Infinite Wealth Team
Step #3  Once you are Approved in the Facebook Group Preview this document. >> How to get your Teambuild Rotator Link

Follow the directions by putting your best email address in.  Do not sign up for EarnEarnEarn nor Dubli again.   Rather, watch your email for a Welcome to our Teambuild email from Antonio Moore, or MooreSolutions.  That email will tell you to reply by sending in  your Dubli username and your EarnEarnEarn link.

Once you have completed these necessary steps you will receive an email from Antonio Moore, which will contain your Infinite Wealth Teambuild Rotator link.   Your EEE link is now INSIDE Our Rotator.   And as we ALL promote our rotator links your EEE link will get it's turns to get clicks.


You are then in the teambuild where we will help drive traffic to your site.

It is worth Doing the Steps.  Being in the Teambuild is an OPTION not a requirement.
To your Success
Vickie Wooden MLM Mentor and Success Coach

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Your EarnEarnEarn Newsletter

Hi I am Vickie Wooden.  Welcome!

Your EarnEarnEarn Newsletter has Arrived!

I am so glad that you subscribed. 
 I want to begin with a couple of Housekeeping Notes.
#1 Create an Email Folder for the information you will receive from me.  You can name it EEENewsletter.  Simple enough. Or whatever you want.  Just so that you have a way of keeping all of these TIPS in one spot.  It won't seem so overwhelming that way.

Of course, I won't try to overwhelm you.  At first you will get an email from me about 3 days in a row then it will taper down to every 3 days, then once a week.  Then once every 2 weeks if that until I get all the GOOD NEWS out to you. 

#2 Whitelist me so this doesn't go to you SPAM Folder.

You can RE-Use or RE-Distribute anything I send you.

 My goal is to help with your marketing, recruiting, and training  efforts.     You may also UNSUBSCRIBE at anytime.

My heart's cry is to help. And feel free to ask me questions for clarification.  You know where to find me.

Vickie Wooden MLM Mentor, Success Coach, and Master Blogger.

Below in the Last Recorded EEE Conference Call I did.  Listen in.
Interactive Recorded Conference Call About
Teambuild with focus on EEE Dial: (424) 203-8409 Access code: 744885

Listen in to the questions and the answers.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

WELCOME to EARN EARN EARN, Where We Help You Recruit!

Hello, and Welcome to Earn Earn Earn!

 EEE is an Advertising site for your business and much, much, more.  If you have a business that you need to drive traffic to  promote it on Earn Earn Earn using the $10 Ad Credits.  

Here is the LINK of  one on my Downline. Click Here.  You will be in my Matrix receiving spillover IF you are A MOVER  and SHAKER too!    JOIN RIGHT AWAY.  Pay Right Away.  The system is set up to kick you out 48hrs after you join if you don't pay. 

EARNEARNEARN is a fantastic program.

 where you become your own boss, and sell advertising directly to your downline, your downline purchase this advertising and pay you direct to upgrade their accounts.

No Admin Fees, No Chance of Admin Running Off With Your Cash, No Risk at All because payments are made directly member to member.

You can Email me at any time if you require any assistance, I'm your sponsor and I will help you where ever I can to help build our great team and earn the most from this great program.

Let me know, why you haven't upgraded yet, and I will try to answer any questions you have, we all work together here to help each other out.

Here is just a reminder of what we are all aiming for...

Potential Income

Phase One

Level 1 Your 4 downline members pay $10 each for Membership Level 1. You earn $40!

Level 2 Your 16 overspill downline members pay $20 each for Membership Level 2. You earn $320!

Level 3 Your 64 overspill downline members pay $40 each for Membership Level 3. You earn $2,560!

Level 4 Your 256 overspill downline members pay $80 each for Membership Level 4. You earn $20,480!


Phase Two

Phase 2 works just the same as Phase 1 except you earn 10 Times More!!!

Level 5 Your 4 downline members pay $100 each for Membership Level 4. You earn $400!

Level 6 Your 16 overspill downline members pay $200 each for Membership Level 6. You earn $3,200!

Level 7 Your 64 overspill downline members pay $400 each for Membership Level 7. You earn $25,600!

Level 8 Your 256 overspill downline members pay $800 each for Membership Level 8. You earn $204,800!


Best Wishes to you   Again , here is the link of one of my TEAM Members! 

Vickie Wooden MLM Mentor Success Coach, and Master Blogger.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2AMTraffic Blog: Get Traffic to Your Business

2AMTraffic: This is perfect for those NEW to Blogging.  

In addition to helping the new blogger get RANKED high on Google.  This system also has Step by Step, very well put together video tutorial.
Oh WAIT!  Did I lose you?  Ok. I will explain RANKED and SEO. 
Stay with me.  This is so very important.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

 That in a nutshell getting your business website information out on the 1st page of Google so that when someone does a Google search on your topic, your website or blog pops up!
I told you the WHY…$$$ Benefit! > Get your business out in front of your target market. $$$
I told you HOW you’ll Learned. > Training step by Step Videos
I told you WHERE you can learn to BLOG> 2AMTraffic
I told you WHAT to blog about:  Your Business to start with
And here is the WHEN to Blog. >> Now if you need more Traffic to your site.  More recruits. More sales.

Set up your Step By Step Blog here. 


Join us.  We are Blogging.  Please leave a comment to this blog.  It will lead a trail back to you.   2AMTraffic Blog

Vickie Wooden MLM Mentor and Success Coach 269-389-0651

Monday, August 19, 2013

Free and Powerful Free Leads are Free Leads

FREE Leads. This one is a Newbies DREAM.  

FREE? How does Free and Powerful work?  It helps you BUILD your Leads LIST.  The BIG Time Marketers getting all those sales have a massive list.   You will not get the sales they get without a list.  I lie to you not.  Ask one how many people are on their list?

Free and Powerful Free Leads are Free Leads 

 I have over 700 people on my Free and Powerful list alone.  That is only one of my lists.  Those FREE LEADS are ALL Free Leads.   They signed up FREE to be on my list.

You have to have a list in this marketing  business.  Your affiliate link and your Facebook page is not enough. 
 So let me help you.
If you already have a business Free and Powerful will help you find other people who are looking for a way to make money. And you can put your business in front of them.
If you want to make money you want to do Steps #1, 2, and 3. and the USA Bonus $20.

Steps #1, and #2 are one time fee based to make money.  A STEAL!

I promote Free and Powerful on Facebook and on Youtube as a Lead List Generator and a way to make EXTRA Money because under the Free and Powerful hub there are ways to make money with the businesses listed there.  The USA Bonus $20  is FREE to promote under the Free and Powerful hub and make  $20 after $20 after $20.
  This  will help draw your leads in.  LEADS all want money.

Free and Powerful Free Leads are Free Leads
So If you are serious about making money I highly suggest we get started now. 
It is FREE to use this site to build your list.  Everything else is optional.
One more thing before you get your lead generator rolling.  When you get the leads you will have to follow up with them.

Practice this by contacting me/follow up with me  as soon as you are inside your lead generating system.
Click the link below if you have not joined Free and Powerful yet.
Click>>>  Get your List Building Lead Generating System here. Free and Powerful

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SIGN UP FOR FREE AND POWERFUL READ HERE: Now that you have Joined Free and Powerful you can join any of the businesses under there or not.  You can still use the hub to market your business, and get LEADS.

Here is how the leads part works..... everyone who signs up for this FREE site through  you becomes your  lead.  I am a lead as well for the person I signed up under... so now I get weekly autoresponder emails from him.  They are very motivating and in the signature there is a link to one of his businesses that I can look at and get info about.  It is passive recruiting.

Your sign ups will get autorespnder emails with your business links in the signature.

Free and Powerful Free Leads are Free Leads

That is how Free and Powerful works.  Because of this system I have joined a couple of my sponsors businesses.
Now for the SET UP:  The chalkboards on your website were created by the Co-Founder of Free and Powerful.  He takes you through the set up.  Remember you can join what you want to join.  But either way, you get to promote this site to get leads for Your Offers.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

 Vickie Wooden
MLM Mentor and Success Coach

Disclaimer: Any income claims presented do not serve (and are not intended) as guarantees of income. These claims are merely be examples of what is possible for you. Those successes presented in this business require consistent focus, dedication, and work -- as with most things you try to achieve. So because we want to help you make an informed decision, we've gone well above and beyond with the income disclosure document we present. If you want to see average earnings, please see your company's Full Income Disclosure.
Vickie Wooden

Free and Powerful Free Leads are Free Leads